About Joan Philo

I work in film. I cast extras for feature films. I write sketch comedy, feature/short scripts, pitches and greeting cards for show people. Working in film has been the greatest gift, ever. If I am not a warrior princess now, I never will be: film has taught me to be strong and to achieve the impossible.


Film is magic. Film is horror. Film stops you from eating. Film makes you crazy. Film gives you guts. Film gets you stalked. Film gives you lovers. Film takes you to places that can make you weep. Film can make you look in the mirror and wonder who the hell you are. Film is dark. Film is hope. Film is a 38-hour (Good God somebody shoot me!) workday.

Film is wrapping a day after six hours (thank you Clint Eastwood!).

My greatest friends are in film: a bunch of gypsies, all with stories to tell. Not tradin' for the world, this life of film, am I.

I am one of six girls - I have five beautiful sisters and a brilliant and creative Mom and Dad - all living in California, my home state, my heart. I grew up performing magic shows for children. I juggle pins and balls. I just bought a clown bike. I take dance, I sing and play my guitar (such the living room rock star!). I love children. I am spiritual and I'm trying to get into Heaven. My friend says that God's gonna be picky.

Film, and giving back [to the world/the community] are my two passions and drives. I want to work on brilliant shows, create exciting works, and help others help themselves. Kiva? Heifer International? ONE Campaign? Outstanding!

I'm about wanting to make a difference: the time is now. "Both of my passions working together! Film, giving back... I'm so excited! Pssst!" Come on, let's do this... give back, donate, love!

P.S. Oh, and totally create magic in film!

Joan Philo