I cast paid, extra roles for feature films, but you probably already know this. I cast the non-speaking roles. NON-SPEAKING.
Got this? Good. I can put you in a cool bar scene, or put you out on a beautiful city street, "Hey, is that, Katie Holmes?"
Or I can have you freezing your backside off playing a bum on Lower Wacker - it's all good, baby!

Current projects

  • Chicago Fire
  • Chicago Med

Ever wonder what it's like to work as an "Extra" in Chicago?

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Joan Philo Casting

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To register just follow the posts on the Facebook pages and if you are available to work send in your photograph, height, weight, age, phone number, city and state to the email that is posted. We are always looking for new extras!

Chicago Fire Extras Chicago Med Extras
Joan Philo does care about your hopes, dreams and well-being on set and at casting calls. Casting call locations are secured by the production and not by Joan Philo. Please be advised that being cast as an extra is ultimately up to the production and the director. Please know that we consider all applicants and we try our best to create a amazing on-set experience.