The Joan Philo "One Shot" Workshop is:

You and me. Sitting down. Figuring out the best way to stand out with your unique acting abilities. Each of us is unique (duh) but sometimes, we forget. That's where I come in, so..."Let me look at ya'."

You show me how you go about getting auditions and callbacks, and I will tell you what I think. You might not be hitting it hard enough, smart enough, passionately enough. I'll share with you strategies that I have found to work.

You have some proofs for your headshots? Let's see those babies. Good ones, bad ones, I have seen them all. My discerning eye knows which commands attention and compels casting directors to pick up the phone to call you back.  I'll let you know what I think.

Want to talk about your goals? Want to ask questions? Bring it! I'm all ears, for exactly one hour and 20 minutes, that is.

PRICE: $60. 00 [1 session]
WHEN: TBD (based on agreed upon schedule)
WHERE: Chicago

HOW TO SIGN UP: Simply e-mail Joan Philo at and in the subject line, write "One Shot." In the body of the e-mail, let me know about yourself, what you want to work on, and your preferred meeting time.

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