What are you waiting for? Do you have a script on which you want to work? Great, that's just down the way next to On The Nose. Working on a treatment for a killer little sitcom? Fantastic, head to the Reversal Court. Got an idea for a great pitch? Sweet, I'll meet you next to Loglines. Want to work on your sketch comedy writing skills? Easy - that's at the back of the mall, baby, near the Yes, And.

It's a script lab!

Shorts, features, treatments, sketch comedy, pitches.

  • Work one-on-one to brainstorm new ideas, develop existing material, or fine-tune a script you've had in your pocket for months.
  • This is an opportunity to work with a mentor to hone one's craft.
  • Notes from a working film professional - with budget in mind.

I am a graduate of Chicago's Second City Comedy Writing Program, and was both a member and moderator of The Left Door, a screenwriting workshop of professional and award-winning writers founded by Max Adams. I'm also the winner of the 2005 GAIA award at the Moondance International Film Festival, 1st place heat winner and 2nd place heat winner at the 2005 & 2008, 24 Hour Midnight screenwriter's contest, and TOP Five winner in the 2006 Rod Serling contest.

Diesel is:

A combination of three one-hour and 20 minutes, one-on one-meetings with Joan Philo, along with monthly critiques of your works-in-progress conducted via email, all over a three-month period. That's 90 days to whip your script into shape!

Price: $200.00

(or in mall terms, the price of a pair of Diesel jeans. You know you gotta have 'em!)

Thrift Store is:

A one-time, one-on one-meeting (one hour and 20 minutes) with Joan Philo, and go crazy with any type of script pitch you've got. I'll let you in on how I get folks in the business to read my scripts (queries, logline, etc.).

Can't afford Diesel? Get "thrift-store fabulous."

Price: $60.00

To sign up:

E-mail jadeph@gmail.com and put "Story Mall" in the subject line.

Let me know a bit about the script you're working on and what type of session your interested in, "Diesel" or "Thrift Store."
**All workshops held in Chicago**

Now go and write something!