The Joan Philo "Top Eleven" Workshop is:

A four-week session of weekly (or once a month if you prefer) one-on-one meetings with Joan Philo for one hour and 20 minutes — with a surprise in the last 2 minutes of the last session — to help you hone your craft!

  • Learn how to walk into a session and shine.
    Headshots proofs? If you have them, I will select the proof that I feel stands out and will get you in the door.
  • Monologue piece? Got one? We'll work on it. Cold readings? Let's do it.
    It's about layers and what you bring to the character. It's about being smack-dab in the middle of the moment and listening.
  • Need support, mentorship, encouragement? You got it!
    We'll shape the program and customize it to suit your specific needs for growth, developing a character, or mastering a scene.

Grab this workshop... you know you want to know what is in those last 2 minutes.

PRICE: $225.00 [4 sessions]
WHEN: TBD (once a week/or once a month based on agreed upon schedule)
WHERE: Chicago

HOW TO SIGN UP: Simply e-mail Joan Philo at and in the subject line, write "Top Eleven Workshop." In the body of the e-mail, let me know about yourself, what you want to work on, and your preferred meeting time(s).

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