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Workshops for the actor, screenwriter, and go-getter (You)!


Workshops for the actor, screenwriter, and go-getter

Why you should you take this workshop series!

The amazing Dustin Hoffman once said to me "You're better than Fellini." Yep. The directing genius, Fellini. It happened while I was casting the extras for Marc Forster's little gem, "Stranger than Fiction". Marc called me up and said, "Here's Dustin."

The next thing I knew, I was speaking to him. Whoa. Casting those college students and swimmers for the film was completely on my mind and being entrenched in casting the next scenes I guess made me quite hard of hearing - I thought Dustin said "Sellini" and I gushed thank you's repeatedly back to him. It was only when I talked to my sister Margery that she said, "You idiot, he said 'Fellini'." "I don't know, Marge, " I said. And then, at the wrap party, Marc Forster came up to me and confirmed "Fellini," asking, "Are you global, Joan?" Heady praise from a brilliant director!

I have worked with some remarkable directors over the years, including David Lynch (The Straight Story), Michael Mann (Public Enemies, Ali), Andy Davis, (The Fugitive), David Dobkin (Fred Claus), John Hughes (Home Alone 2; Dennis the Menace), Stephen Frears (High Fidelity), and Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins), and with each collaboration, I've observed, listened, and kept my eyes open. I've been blown away by what I have learned, and growing, learning, is everything in this business!

I've auditioned hundreds of actors and interviewed thousands of folks who want to be cast in films. I've looked at hundreds of thousands of photographs of actors. I know what will get you cast and what will get you um, locked up for stalking. Don't be a stalker! Be the greatest creative actor that you can be. Work on it. I work on it, all the time. I go watch talent. I study improv and am a graduate of Chicago's Second City Comedy Writing program. I go to plays and workshops. I do everything I can possibly do because I want to be as sharp as I can. I think you should study all your life. Why not be one of the SMART and PRETTY ones? The concepts aren't mutually exclusive, you know.

I can sharpen your Je ne sais quoi. I can teach you what I am an expert in: casting and talent. I'll tell you everything I know, so that when you walk in and meet that director or casting director, you'll shine. More importantly, I'll tell you the TOP ELEVEN THINGS that will not get you cast.

Okay, ready to rock this out? Great... hold on to your acting boot straps!

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